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Love never felt so good

Any and all slash is love
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This is a community dedicated to slash. There is no one and only pairing that this community is devoted to. If you've written a story about any slash pairing by all means post it here. This community isn't just dedicated to m/m slash femme slash is more than welcome as well.

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1. There will be no ranting, raving, bitching, stepping up on a soap box, or in other words fighting with each other over absolutely nothing. If you do I'll be forced to delete your post and you'll be put on probation, you get 2 strikes and you're out for good.

2. As previously stated any slash is permitted here. I only ask that you put the appropriate warnings on your stories and put your stories behind a cut.

3. Have fun with this it's not like we're writing a novel so there's no need to be overly serious. Don't be harsh in your comments either, give constuctive critisism or say that you like the story but don't bring down the author.

4. No useless posts please those drive me crazy, you can whore out your own communities if you wish but your post has to be about slash of some sort.