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gonna Hulk out on you。

Oregon Is There To Remind Me I Got You, 1/1

Title: Oregon Is There To Remind Me I Got You
Author: pada_something
Pairing: Jared/Jensen <3
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Genre: Fluff, lots of it
Rated: R for the bed situation?
Disclaimer: did not happen. Or sort of. The boys sadly to my inner fangirl, don’t belong to me. I know. Sad.
Beta-reader: zams
Length: 402 words, yes, short

Note: it was written because of this. Yes, the part where Jason says Jensen and Jared went to Oregon together.

( He’s barely woken up, but he can feel his head resting on someone’s chest, and he also can feel an arm around his shoulders. He doesn’t have to blink again to know who it is. )
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