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Story Title: Save Me
By: Alice Wisdom (spikedlove)
Rated meh PG-13 to be safe
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Kinda implied suicide

Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn

There was fire all around him, violent flames leapt and danced around him mockingly. The large blaze encircled him, pinning him in like a hunted wild animal. Yet as he cowered at the inferno before him he couldn’t help but notice that he was cold, freezing in fact.


“Wizard’s Pupil!”


He turned, eyes clouded with tears as he sees his father, the older man’s face turned into a frown of disapproval.


“Father?” A step forward and the older man raises his hand to strike him but the older man’s hand falters and falls back to his side.


“Faramir…” the older man’s voice is small and remorseful. Without saying another word the older man turns and walks towards the hungry flames.


He tries to stop him but his feet refuse to move. “Father, no.”


An anguished cry fills his ears as his father plunges into the fire.


He feels hands grasping him and a gentle voice in his ear, calling him away from the fire and the painful cries.


Blue eyes opened, letting his tears escape. “Shh, Faramir, I am here do not cry,” he recognizes his King’s voice, his lovers voice.


“I could have saved him and I did not even move,” he sobbed into his love’s shoulder.


“What happened was not your fault, Faramir, you should never think that,” his King whispered into his copper hair.


He wiped his eyes as his lover pulled him into a tight embrace, their lips melting together in a gentle kiss. “I love you so much Faramir, it pains me to see you suffer, I wish there was a way for me to save you from your nightmares.”


“Just hold me my King, that will be enough for tonight.”

Yay LOTR slash please comment I need it badly.
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